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Vietnam is an assault on the senses. It is chaotic, colourful, aromatic, sticky and scooter-infested. Scents of frangipani flowers and sizzling stir-fries fill the air; neon-hued metropolises vie for attention; crumbling pagodas neighbour glittering palaces; bustling markets invade hill-tribe villages; aquamarine seas bob with Chinese junks and lush green paddy fields cling to vertiginous hillsides. All of Southeast Asia seems crammed in here, a whirling vortex of energy grabbing you from all perspectives.

Conveniently linear, Vietnam occupies a narrow strip of land hugging the borders of Cambodia and Laos and hemmed in by the South China Sea. To the north and south of its skinny middle, it spreads out into the rich deltas of the Red River and the Mekong. Memorable experiences are everywhere from kayaking through a seascape of limestone islands to dining under a canopy of lanterns, delving into Viet Cong tunnels to exploring cities by cyclo. Given its history, colonial influences are also highly visible. Expect vibrant festivals, age-old ceremonies and phenomenal cuisine.

Vietnam is at once crazy and serene, thrilling and relaxing. It is a country defined by the diversity of its land and the resilience and generosity of its people.

Interesting Facts

  • According to the Ministry of Transport of the 90+ million population, 37 million are registered with a motorbike and only 2 million with a car.
  • Nguyen is the most popular family name in Vietnam, used by around 40% of the population and is also the birth name of the famous Ho Chi Minh.
  • Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee-producing nation after Brazil, producing 16% of the world’s total coffee.
  • Vietnam is the only country that has its own deity for the kitchen! According to legend, Ong Tao makes his appearance just before the Vietnamese New Year determining the fate of each household for the coming year.
  • The world’s second largest caves, the Son Doong caves are in Vietnam. The cave is so big that a Boeing 747 could fly through its largest cavern.
  • Ruou ran, also known as snake wine is a pickled snake in rice wine that is commonly drunk for health, vitality and restorative purposes.
  • The Vietnamese flag consists of a golden star with five different points representing farmers, workers, intellectuals, youth and soldiers. The red background pays tribute to the bloodshed during the wars.

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Traveller Reviews

What a great trip! We wanted different, we certainly got different

Vietnam - Crockett Family Testimonial

What a great trip! We wanted different, we certainly got different. It was a great experience as a family and the children were the right age. In Hanoi we did the Hanoi Free Tour and the Puppet show (a cultural must) but the highlight for us was the old quarter cookery class which was an amazing culinary experience! Our bike riding adventures in Mai Chau took us deep in the countryside where we got an impromptu invitation to a wedding. The area around Ninh Binh is very flat and beautiful and was one of our favourite places. The Hang Mua view point at sunset was spectacular. The Halong Bay cruise felt special – the food was excellent; the cabins were spacious and well-appointed and the limestone islands are a spectacular sight. In Hue we visited the Imperial City which is such a serene and beautiful place. Hoi An is very pretty and definitely the place to go to if you want tailor made clothes. In Ho Chi Minh we ate at the market and had a drink on the roof top bar at Hotel des Arts. Thank you again for helping us make amazing memories!

Crockett Family