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Morocco conjures up images of medinas and minarets. A land of exotic fragrance and wistful music, honey-coloured sand dunes and snow-capped peaks, fortified Kasbahs and bustling souks, intrigue and mystery à la Bogart and Bergman.

It is a country that is part Arab, part African but with a character all of its own. Spend your days trekking to Berber villages huddled against adobe castle walls; haggle over souvenirs in the souks, go camel trekking in the desert and mule trekking in the High Atlas. Learn to kite-surf in the breeze off the bohemian city of Essaouira and take a ringside seat at the non-stop hoopla and halqa of Marrakech’s Djemaa el-Fna. Rest your heads in boutique riads, relax on panoramic terraces, gorge yourselves on couscous and drink your body weight in mint tea. The muezzin’s call to prayer echoing over the rooftops several times a day will become an enduring memory.

Morocco is a fabulous destination for a family holiday. There is a short flight time making it ideal for younger children but in that time, you are transported to a place that is as different and exotic as you could ever imagine. The locals are welcoming with warm, genuine hospitality and children of all ages are held in high esteem. Morocco is a country that is guaranteed to broaden young minds and captivate old ones.

Interesting facts

  • The Moroccan weekend falls on Thursday and Friday. All other days are workdays.
  • The blue houses of Chefchaouen are famous for their striking colour. Jewish refugees painted them this colour because they believed it kept the mosquitoes away.
  • Green tea is the most popular drink in the country. Some people drink tea at all hours since it is a sign of hospitality. One piece of advice: if you are offered tea, never refuse.
  • Jimi Hendrix is Essaouira’s best known icon. Many myths have arisen over the icon’s visit to the town and you’ll find his image and musical influence all over town. Other famous visitors include Orson Welles as well as Cat Stevens and the Rolling Stones.
  • The university ‘al-Qarawiyin’ was founded in the city of Fes in 859 as a madrasa (an Arabic educational institution) and is considered by some to be the oldest university in the world.
  • The second largest film set in the world is in Morocco. Films that have been shot here include Gladiator, Prince of Persia, Sahara and The Mummy. Despite its name, the movie Casablanca was not actually filmed here.

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Easier to plan thanks to Wandering Tribe

Morocco - Arshamian McMillan Family Testimonial

Our Morocco trip was much easier to plan thanks to Wandering Tribe, with great advice on do’s and don’ts. We were able to visit 3 different locations on our 10-day trip which gave us a great view of the whole of Morocco and its culture. The hotels/riads were great considering our budget with lots of activity suggestions taking consideration of our small children. The private transfers made moving around stress free and were a much better idea than hiring a car. Will definitely be contacting Wandering Tribe for our next trip!

Arshamian McMillan Family