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It might take two flights and a herculean effort to get there but when you do ‘boy’ are you in for a treat! The landscapes of New Zealand are truly magnificent. They are enchanted and ethereal, forbidding and intimidating. The perfect location to create J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth. It takes little imagination to conjure up images of dragons, dwarves, elves and hobbits roaming these lands.

There are spectacular vistas around every corner; wild surf beaches, glacial lakes, smoking volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, picturesque vineyards, deep ravines, snow-capped mountains and raging rivers all jostling for attention. Prepare to slap yourselves on the cheek several times a day to check the vistas before your eyes are certifiably real. Add in exotic and unique wildlife such as the flightless kiwi, rare Hector’s dolphins, yellow-eyed penguins, the ancient tuatara lizard and the brilliantly coloured kea and you know you are in the land of the ‘long, white cloud’.

Kiwis are notorious thrill-seekers, so you'll have any number of opportunities to try crazy, adrenalin-filled action sports including jet boating, zorbing, kayaking, rafting, bungee swings, heli-hikes or even ice picking up a glacier. Expect many “this is the way life should be” epiphanies along the way.

The scale and majesty of New Zealand will quite literally blow you away. This is a country that packs a huge family adventure holiday punch.

Our 'Craters & Coves' and 'Summits & Sounds' tours can be combined to create an amazing 21 night experience. Please contact us for details!

Interesting Facts

  • New Zealand is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire and its most active volcano is Mount Ruapehu, found in the middle of the North Island.
  • This 85-letter town in Hawke’s Bay is in the Guinness World Records for the longest place name in the world 'Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu' - try pronouncing that one!
  • In 1990, the prime minister of New Zealand appointed Ian Brackenbury Channell as the official Wizard of New Zealand
  • The world’s first commercial bungee jump was a 43 metre leap off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown in 1988. AJ Hackett was inspired by the cultural “bungee” jumps performed in Vanuatu with just tree vines tied to their feet.
  • The beer drunk during the filming of The Hobbit was a 1% dark stout, a custom NZ brew called ''Sobering Thought'.
  • The kiwi fruit is not native from New Zealand. It’s actually from China, but it was named after the kiwi bird.
  • The Palmerston North-Gisborne railway line passes right through the middle of Gisborne Airport even crossing the runway.

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Traveller Reviews

We only had three weeks to fit in the highlights of New Zealand and Wandering Tribe came up with the perfect itinerary

New Zealand - Berry Family Testimonial

We only had three weeks to fit in the highlights of New Zealand and Wandering Tribe came up with the perfect itinerary for our family of two adults and a four-year-old that combined adventure, culture, amazing scenery and relaxation. It truly felt like we were away for three months rather than three weeks. We travelled the length of the North Island visiting Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula, Rotorua, Taupo and Wellington before moving on to the scenically jaw-dropping South Island where we travelled from Christchurch to the Banks Peninsula, Lake Tekapo, Wanaka, Queenstown, the Catlins and the Otago Peninsula. Our 4-year-old son is penguin mad and he just loved the Blue Penguin colony and hasn’t stopped talking about them since. We are now planning our next exciting trip to Australia with Wandering Tribe.

Berry Family