Family Holiday Overview

Finnish Lapland has scenery so uplifting and spectacular that it feels like the backdrop for a mythical fairy-tale; your very own Narnia - just keep an eye out for the White Witch.

During the summer it’s a glorious vista of coniferous green broken only by the sapphire blue of lakes shimmering under the midnight sun. Explore thousands of islands, endless lakeshores and fragrant forests whose floors are covered in sumptuous sweet berries.

When winter blows in the lakes freeze and turn to crackled glass. Boreal forests of pine and birch are blanketed with fresh snow and cosy wooden cabins dot the pristine white landscape. In forest dens, brown bears settle in for the cold months ahead whilst excited huskies revel in the snowflakes that land like a feather on their nose. As the Snow Queen casts her spell, the landscape is magically transformed. Enchantment is everywhere from the picture perfect Christmas scenes to the mesmerising light shows of ethereal pink and luminous green.

Activity options are vast and plentiful. In winter swoosh through pine forests on husky sleds, join a magical search for Santa, ride snowmobiles, snowshoe through forests in search of the Northern Lights, go cross-country skiing or simply toboggan down fells until exhausted. In summer canoeing and rafting take precedence; search for brown bears in pristine national parks; go mountain biking down ski slopes or swimming in wild lakes. Spend your evenings indulging in exquisite local cuisine, hot saunas and traditional games.

Wandering Tribe offer true wilderness trips to the very heart of Finnish Lapland where the local people truly appreciate, respect and protect the land that surrounds them. This is the Lapland that appears in your hopes and dreams, where the level of tranquillity and silence burrows deep into the soul, all stresses of everyday life forgotten.

Interesting Facts

  • One of the world's northernmost countries, a quarter of Finland’s territory lies within the Arctic Circle. At its northernmost point, the sun does not rise for 51 days during winter, while in summer, it doesn't set for 73 days
  • Finland is shaped a bit like a woman wearing a long dress made out of fir trees. Finns call her Suomen Neito, the maiden of Finland
  • Finland has some interesting and unique wildlife including the gray wolf, wolverine, elk, its national animal the brown bear and national bird the whooper swan
  • According to the 2007 UNICEF report on child well-being in rich countries, Finland has the highest level of academic achievements of all surveyed countries for reading, mathematics and sciences
  • Finland is well known for having one sauna for every two citizens. Sauna is actually a Finnish word and Finns have been sweating in ridiculous temperatures since as far back as the 5th century
  • There is an annual ‘Day for Failure’ on October 13th. Starting in 2010, the ceremony celebrates bad news and ill-fortune as a way of learning for the future
  • It’s affectionately referred to as the ‘Land of a Thousand Lakes’, but that number doesn’t even come close. There are a whopping 187,888 lakes within the territory of Finland.
  • Finland has some of the world’s most bizarre sports. Strangest of all is the ‘Wife Carrying World Championship’, taking place in Sonkajärvi every July. Other esoteric sports that host their annual world championships in Finland include mosquito hunting, mobile phone throwing, swamp football and the Air Guitar World Championship
  • The cost of traffic and speed violations is calculated by the offending driver’s annual income. One unfortunate guilty party was once fined 200,000 €s for a single speeding offense

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Traveller Reviews

It has been a holiday of a lifetime

Lapland - Nicolaides Turner Family Testimonial

We have just returned from a magical holiday to Lapland with another family, 4 children in total (aged 2-5) staying in a beautiful log cabin. The organisation of the trip by Sally at Wandering Tribe was incredible as she was always readily available via email to advise and recommend places for us to go as a family. Thank you so much. It has been a holiday of a lifetime.

Nicolaides/Turner Family

We had the most magical and perfect trip

Lapland - Gagg Family Testimonial

Sally organized an amazing trip for us to Lapland. We had the most magical and perfect trip, thanks to Sally. Every detail was thought of and the trip ran like clockwork. The activities (husky’s and Father Christmas) exceeded our expectations and our cabin was beautiful. It was an idyllic few days!! No question was too big or too small for Sally and our trip wouldn’t have been so wonderful without her help. Thank you very much!

Gagg Family

The most fantastic time in Lapland

Lapland - Dijoux/Drury Family Testimonial

We really had the most fantastic time in Lapland. Everything was so easy thanks to your brilliant organisation. Getting an active holiday that works for our age range of children is really challenging & this really worked.

The skiiing was great fun & we didn’t hand our skis back until 4:45pm! A good day, the instructor was kind & helpful & it meant we felt confident to carry on as the day hire was included in the price. The ice floating was also very calming.

Sadly we didn’t see the Northern Lights fully. We had a great snow shoe excursion with a ‘local’ operator whose explanations of surviving out in the wilderness & his Kuksa were fab. We only saw the lights through a slow shutter release photo. However he showed us how to look at the aurora forecast & texted later that night to tell us to go outside as it was visible – we saw a green tinge rather than the imagined spectacle but he really went out of his way to be helpful.

The cabin was lovely, warm, great layout with loads of space & superb location. The sleds & chair sled thingys were brilliant fun & really useful.
All transfers, taxis etc all worked well & exactly as described. Many thanks again.

Dijoux/Drury Family

We loved this beautiful winter wonderland

Lapland - Murray Family Testimonial

Our holiday was truly lovely. The log cabin was fantastic. We loved staying there, it was well equipped and so cosy with a log fire. Just perfect! All food was there too – thank you for arranging. It meant we had all we needed for breakfast each morning.

The husky trip was fantastic, a really lovely experience. The children loved cuddling up with the dogs after our ride and there was a lovely fire to warm up with and delicious warm berry juice to drink. I was glad to let my husband drive the husky sledge whilst my youngest daughter and I sat in the sledge.

The Santa trip was great too. A man turned up outside our cabin and we went outside to meet him. He chatted to the children for a while then we walked up the road to find 2 elves who then gave us the way to find Santa. It was really lovely indeed and the children thoroughly enjoyed being there. It was very special.

We were sad when the time came to go home as we loved this beautiful winter wonderland.

Murray Family