Wandering Tribe - What Do We Offer Icon Wandering Tribe is an innovative family travel company. Our aim is to provide affordable tours to exciting destinations without compromising on standards. We are passionate about getting families to challenge the status quo and to try new countries and experiences. We do not offer resort-based, all-inclusive type holidays. Instead, we create inspiring itineraries designed to get parents and children sharing experiences together.

Our Trips: We offer trips to suit every school holiday regardless of season. These range from chasing the Northern Lights during Icelandic winters to whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island in the summer. Each itinerary has been painstakingly put together to give the maximum variety in terms of landscapes, culture, accommodation and activities whilst leaving the flexibility to tailor-make it to your own interests and budget.

We also focus on offering trips to distinctive destinations; places that the typical family might not consider but that offer a huge variety of interest for adults and children alike. These are places that are high on the natural beauty charts in addition to having a huge personality.

Our Values: We do not offer holidays to any country that we haven’t visited ourselves. Despite the online resources available today there is no substitute for doing the ground work actually ‘on the ground’. This means we have slept in the beds, tasted the food, driven the roads, hiked the hikes and paddled the rapids. The majority of times this has been with our own children so we have pre-tested the mini tolerance levels!

Our recommended activity providers must also have a review score of at least 4.5 (out of 5) on Trip Advisor or a similar review site and have an exemplary safety record. We don’t entertain anything less.

Our Extras: We have spent hours (& hours if we are being totally honest) putting together trip notes and key information packs for each destination. We understand that modern families lead busy lives and don’t have the time to research every last detail about their holiday. So we have done this for you. For each place that you visit during your trip you will be given links to activity providers, family-friendly places to eat, fun facts about the area, tips about driving etc. No stone has been left unturned.

Our Team: Unlike other tour organisers, our team is miniscule to the power of 2. Don’t let this put you off though, for what we lack in numbers we certainly make up for in terms of sheer passion and dogged determination.


We don’t quite fit the standard mould of family adventure companies. The reasons for this are simple;

Wandering Tribe - Affordable Prices Icon Budget: Family holidays offered by competitor companies usually come with a hefty price tag and we recognise that the majority of families just can’t afford these. So we have stripped things back a bit. We use budget airlines wherever possible but especially for our trips in Europe. We don’t include activity costs in the guide price so that individual families have the option to pick and choose what they would like to do. We don’t believe you should pay extra for ‘inclusive’ activities that aren’t really your cup of tea!


Wandering Tribe - Great Adventures Icon Combining Destinations: Because our tours are tailor-made, without set departure dates, it means we can combine multiple destinations. For example we can combine tours to Brazil, Peru and Costa Rica or Sicily and the Amalfi coast. If it’s logistically possible then we can make it work - just ask.

Wandering Tribe - Grassroot Activities Icon

Grassroots Activities: For each of our destinations in addition to items on your ‘must-do bucket list’ we also suggest alternative experiences that fly a little more under the radar. These are aimed at immersing families into the typical life of a local family, quite often resulting in spontaneous situations that become the highlight of your trip. Join in with the chants at a kids football match in Peru’s Urubamba Valley, party with the locals at an Azorean festival or learn the basics of Spanish on a school visit in Costa Rica. It is these experiences that we believe transform a great holiday into an amazing holiday and create everlasting memories to cherish together.


Sally – The One Woman Band

Sally dreamed up the idea of Wandering Tribe whilst organising her own family trip to South America. Initial extortionate quotes didn’t sit well with this thrifty Yorkshire lass and after numerous altercations with a brick wall, she decided to go it alone. Pulling on her years of experience in the travel sector she realised she had a talent for creating family-friendly trip itineraries. A perfectionist through and through she can usually be found knee deep in trip research. In her spare time, she whizzes around looking after three kids and a hyperactive cocker spaniel.

Michael – The Gadget Freak

A reveller in all things ‘techie’ Michael's remit is website design and back office duties (lucky fellow!). ‘Process automation’ is his buzz word and he is a sucker for a good problem to solve. Constantly thinking up new ideas he can be found in his free time playing football with his kids and following the high and lows of the ‘toon’ (Newcastle United to us normal folk).