Family Holiday Overview

Somewhere in the mix of childhood influences ranging from Tenko to Takeshi’s Castle, is an ingrained impression of Japan as a culture steeped in tradition while in a continual state of rapid flux. This is a country where Harajuku punks with anime makeup and bubble gum hair chat to Kimono-clad ladies and thousand-year-old Zen temples sit side-by-side with neon light skyscrapers. Nowhere on the planet do the ancient and the modern coexist more harmoniously.

Japan is a land of extremes; a slinky archipelago of islands straddling the Pacific Ring of Fire adorned by deep powder snows, romantic cherry blossoms, smoking volcanos and tropical beaches. There is fabulous hiking through misty bamboo forests, intricately carved temples, monks chanting at sunrise and steaming hot-springs at every turn. Endless seas of salarymen fill its vibrant cities. These buzzing metropolises are the place to buy any must-have gadget and a kaleidoscope of kooky cafés, eye-popping manga and chaotic crossings.

Japan offers endless opportunities to connect with tradition; spend the night in a ryokan, meditate with monks, observe a geisha dance, sign up for ninja training or gawp at the spare beauty of a Zen rock garden. In the evenings, enjoy wasabi-infused culinary concoctions or quick-slurped ramen accompanied by a mug of soul-stirringly strong green tea.

Brazenly beautiful and evocative, Japan is a culture irresistible to Westerners, one that grabs you by the hand, pulls you from the side-lines and forces you to dance.

Interesting facts

  • The Japanese name for Japan is “Nippon” which means “sun origin”
  • The ancient warriors of Japan were known as Samurai who were skilled fighters and swordsmen - their main weapon was the Katana, a sharp sword with a slight curve
  • At the entrance to a home in Japan, the floor will usually be raised about 6 inches indicating you should take off your shoes and put on slippers
  • Japanese trains are among the world’s most punctual, their average delay is just 18 seconds
  • Square watermelons are grown by Japanese farmers for easier stack and store
  • Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald in Japan due to a lack of a clear ‘R’ sound in Japanese
  • It’s considered inappropriate to blow your nose in public in Japan
  • The capsule hotel originated in Osaka and features a set of extremely small capsules designed for basic overnight accommodation
  • Japan has the highest number of vending machines in the world selling everything from live lobsters to underwear

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